Revisit Your Locations

January 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Eternal Flame Chestnut Ridge Park Orchard Park, NY in summer.Revisit Your Locations I really like returning to some of the same locations over and over and over. Why? Every time is different. Seasons change, weather changes, light changes throughout the day. That's the location. However, I change too, get different ideas, find different angles. And sure enough, the resulting photos change too. It's very exciting to compare the photos over time.

Eternal Flame Chestnut Ridge Park Orchard Park, NY in winter.Eternal Flame in Winter Living close definitely helps make it easier to drop by often. No matter where you live chances are you can find a handful of places to visit repeatedly. How often? Well, up to you. If you have four seasons then at least four times, but you may also want to do a sunrise and a sunset, and based on what it is midday may actually work great too. Live in a cold place? How about with fresh snow? With ice? Is it water, like a waterfall, a river, a creek? You may want to try different strengths of water flow.

This is a photo of the Eternal Flame, one of those wonders of nature. Who'd expect a flame constantly burning in the middle of a waterfall? Chestnut Ridge Park, Orchard Park, New York (NY).

Have fun!


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