The Unexpected Beauty and Lack of Pride to Be a Human

June 19, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

NAtural beauty at an unexpected industrial location - flowers in high grass. Red Jacket River Front Park, Buffalo, NY. Today, weather did not provide much inspiration. It was hazy, humid, without sun for the most part, but with no defined clouds either, just a solid layer of overcast sky. After some time spent with my inner self and remembering the motivational posts I have both read and posted, I headed out. The target was an industrial side of town and I did find some fine points of view.

Then, when I finished my industrial exploration of the Red Jacket River Front Park and was walking back to the car I found some unexpected beauty by a small pond. It was surrounded with tall grass and filled with lily pads. WIth the lack of sun, they were not open and I guess would deserve a return trip on a sunny day. And in the tall grass wee some beautiful flowers that returned me from the industrial frame of mind back to my natural self.

However, shortly after this happy moment did I find myself staring at something that made me wonder why people do this. In moments like this I am really not too proud to be a human. Is it really so difficult to use garbage cans or follow the carry in carry out rule?

A moment when one can Yes, it's a beer bottle in the middle of a beautiful lily pad filled pond. Apparently, the use of garbage cans is too difficult or demanding and not all humans can do it.

The environmental impact aside, I really liked the intense refections of the grass in the water. I pulled out my polarizer to cut excess glare off of the water surface, which in turn intensified the deep green reflection and provided a backdrop I liked, even though it was for a bottle and not for a lilly pad.

Head out, have fun, and good thing will happen!


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