On the Road Collection of Road Photographs

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On the Road, a new photo collection all about the roadsOn the RoadA new photo collection all about the roads In American landscape photography it's usual to shy away from anything man-made. Only pure natural elements are usually included to show off the unspoiled nature. Here and there, you may see a barn or a stone wall or a wooden fence line included.

In European landscape photography, it is much more common to include fields with various crops, houses, even whole villages, more of a landscape people live in. Castles are also common, thanks to the rich medieval history.

Roads rarely get much attention. They're ugly asphalt features ruining the landscape, right? Well, I am sure you've seen some of the classic shots of roadways in places like the Monument Valley (remember Forrest Gump and the crowd following him with the rock formations in the background when he decided to stop running?).

There's something special about roads. They head into distance, they head into the future. As such, they can be mysterious. They can be straight, they can be winding, they can lead to something specific, or their target may not be visible, they can be paved or dirt, they can be marked with lines or not, they can lead through mountains or prairies. In a way, no two roads are alike and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. On road trips, roads are what we see the most of, yard after yard mile after mile, we get to see thousands of them.

So I decided to dedicate a new photo collection to them, to roads. While it is small now I know I have many more photographs to include in it and I am sure even more to take in the years to come.

So, ... take a seat, buckle up, and get On the Road!


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