Two Birds with One Stone, Paul L Luedtke by the Lake and Rail Grain Elevator

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Paul L Luedtke at Dawn, docked by Rail and Lake Grain Elevator on Buffalo River, Buffalo, New York (NY).Paul L Luedtke at DawnDocked by Rail and Lake Grain Elevator

After photographing the Lake & Rail elevator at sunset and getting some nice last glow illuminating it I wanted to come back at sunrise to get some light in between the grain elevators towards the Ohio Street bridge. At sunset, that elevator alley was way too dark.

So back I was to take advantage of the light coming from the other direction. Before I could execute my plans I got excited about a whole different sight though! Aside for enjoying both grain elevator photography and slow lessons in the history of Buffalo I have also been enjoying boat chasing. Any time a ship visits Buffalo I try to track it down and get some photographs.

And here I was standing in the early ours of the day beating the sun to the sight with time to spare looking at a two for one combo. The Paul L Luedtke tugboat was docked by the side of the Lake & Rail elevator and the twilight was still dim enough for the ship lights to come across as bright. All of this was further enhanced by the calm air with the surface of Buffalo River barely disrupted, resulting in a wonderful mirror to highlight the scene in front of me.

I was so glad I arrived early! I had time to capture this bonus and then still move into position for my planned photography with the lens aimed towards the Ohio Street bridge. My timing also worked with the timing of the crew. Just a few minutes after I captured this photo the tug got to work and the whole idyllic moment was a matter of the past. Wind also started picking up and ripples showed up.

Paul L Luedtke by the Lake and Rail Grain Elevator, Twilight Buffalo River Panorama, Buffalo, New York (NY).Paul L Luedtke by the Lake and Rail Grain ElevatorTwilight Buffalo River Panorama

Paul L Luedtke by the Lake and Rail Grain Elevator at Dawn

Be ready, have fun, and luck will be on your side!


Equipment usedNikon D600 (replaced by Nikon D610)Nikon 24-85mm Nikkor LensManfrotto tripod (055MF3; replaced by 055CXPRO3 with the convenient Q90 column) and Manfrotto Ball Head (496RC2), Think Tank Speed Demon Waist PackPetzl Zipka Plus 2 Headlamp (always in the bag just in case), Jackery Bar 5600mAh (usually on hand to keep the smart phone going), SanDisk Extreme 32GB SD CardsNikon Capture NX2.

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