Road Trip: The Little Big Moments of Road Tripping

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Utah became the 45th state to join the United States on January 4, 1896. The capital city is Salt Lake City. The highest point is Kings Peak at 13,528 feet.

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Island in the Sky Road in Summer, On the Road, Road Trip Classic, Utah (UT).Island in the Sky Road in SummerOn the Road Yes, still on Day 11 of the 2013 road trip. After completing the exploration of the Island in the Sky of Canyonlands National Park a bit early to have time to get close to Mesa Verde National Park, it was time to prove that this was a road trip after all and drive for a bit. That however provides lots of opportunities. Road trips are not about driving quickly from point A to point B but rather about moving forward while having fun all along the way. There's something to see everywhere, no matter how much you think you're in the middle of nowhere. You can find so many cool things along your planned route! Old-fashioned maps and tour guides can help but there are also more 21st century like Internet resources. One of them is the web site. Enter where you're going from and to, tell it how far from your route are you willing to take a detour, check attractions, and you're in business! The more you get off express ways the better. And quite often, even as you are heading towards your selected attraction, the road itself provides wonderful views, photographic opportunities, and other reasons to appreciate being there.

That was the case in the first photo here. As we left one national park and started heading for another I could not resist and had to stop just minutes after getting behind the wheel. What a change of scenery! A deep curvy canyon full of unbelievable rock formations changed into a flat high desert landscape with open land all around and a road through is as straight as a bullet would go. Add the summer feel with the blue sky and white puffy clouds and driving there was just about perfect.

Moonrise over Somewhere by Monticello, Road Tripping Utah 191.Moonrise over Somewhere by MonticelloRoad Tripping Utah 191 When I managed to gather and peel myself off the asphalt we managed to pick up a few miles before stopping again, this time for quite a different sight. Driving south on Utah 191, the sun started setting on the right with the moon rising on the left. We arrived at this 'pass' where the sun was hiding behind an edge of a rock formation and the moon appeared over a strange mound that reminded me of an unfinished pyramid. I was not sure which way to point the camera first but as the sun was lower and starting to hide it made the decision for me. After a few sunset photographs I moved to the other side of the road and gave my attention to the full moon while remembering Ansel Adam's Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico. As with his white crosses lit by the setting sun my unfinished pyramid benefited from the bath in the warm light. I don't usually take self-portraits but this was a great opportunity. Yes, that dark shadow in bottom right corner is me as the setting sun lit me up from behind and through an enormously long shadow of me forward into the landscape. I was not sure at first but in the end decided to embrace that rather than fight it.,

Have fun on your trips!

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