Sunset Stroll through Southern Moravian Countryside

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Field Path at Sunset, Moravian Countryside, Czech RepublicField Path at SunsetMoravian Countryside A relaxing stroll through the fields today, following a web of dirt roads winding their way through the rural countryside of Southern Moravia, Czech Republic. It was a beautiful summer evening with some sun and some clouds. The light was changing frequently and rather dramatically. In this photograph one of those transitions was about to happen as the sun found an opening and was making its way to it while shooting strong beams of light through other smaller openings over the landscape below, creating a wonderful relaxing mood.

And while I thought this might have been the peak Mother Nature was far from done yet and continued to put on quite a show. The light, the drama, the mood, everything about the scenes all around was just about perfect. And everything kept changing so fast. As large shadows rolled over the land in one direction the clouds opened up and let the sun bathe another area with beautiful warm sunset light. And over, and over, and over.

Tracks to Clouds at Sunset, Moravian Countryside, Czech RepublicTracks to Clouds at SunsetMoravian Countryside The contrast between cold shadowy blue tones and the golden hues of sunlight was excellent and one could choose by simply turning one's head. And then there were areas like that all in one, like the tracks to the abstract painting of blues and golds in the sunset sky as if painted just for my enjoyment and to capture in a photograph. The power of photography to relive the moments otherwise stored only in our fleeting memories.

And then, not too far this family of trees popped up on the horizon perfectly positioned at the top of the gentle rolling hill right under a bright opening in the clouds to complete the scene. Well, almost. What also struck me was their ordering by hight as if to add a dose of humor. I think that's what it was that made me think of those trees as of a family. The Papa Tree leading the group, then Mama Tree, and then a little Baby Tree, trailed by their Newborn. Such a serendipitous moment!

Family of Trees, Southern Moravian Countryside, Czech RepublicFamily of TreesMoravian Countryside After all of these gorgeous scenes I got to enjoy on a single walk I could not have asked for more. Asking or not, more I got though. Nature felt generous this evening. At the end of the walk, as we passed a crossroads, I looked to my left to follow another path with my eyes only to find it leading between a large haystack and a tree, a scene I would have liked in almost any conditions. However, sun's last touches of light and color provided quite a painted backdrop for this rural set up.

Of course I quickly raised the camera to preserve the moment forever but then I just stood there for a while and watched the light disappear. It was just minutes and the show was over.

After re-living this wonderful experience in these photographs guess where I would like to stand right now and watch if the magic is going to repeat?

Haystack at Sunset, Southern Moravian Countryside, Czech RepublicHaystack at SunsetMoravian Countryside

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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