Up Close and Personal with Concrete Giants

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Concrete Giants of Elevator Alley, Grain Elevators of Buffalo, NYConcrete Giants of Elevator AlleyGrain Elevators of Buffalo, NY Having been a fan of the Buffalo grain elevators for years this was an experience like no other! So first, let's give credit where credit is due. First and foremost I thank to the owner of Silo City, Rick Smith, for making this possible by allowing public tours of the property. Many other places like this are locked up with access only for the privileged or after paying a hefty fee. Second, I thank to Explore Buffalo for their many wonderful tours, the Silo City Vertical included! A wonderful learning experience combined with fun photography time. And if you are wondering already, the answer is no, these are not the only two photographs I had fun capturing and would like to share with you. In their time, more will come.

The tour started at the parking lot by the American and Perot grain elevators, took us through and up the American Elevator, conveyed us over to the top of the Perot Malting Elevator, and led back down, with a parting stop at the Marine A Elevator. The views were impressive inside and out, with plethora of photogenic material to work with. Words can't really do it justice so please, enjoy the photos.

Click them once to be taken to their image gallery, click them again to go full screen. And of course, if you select these or other photographs to be printed and hung on your walls as a permanent decoration I won't mind at all.

High View from Perot Malting Elevator, Grain Elevators of Buffalo, NYHigh View from Perot Malting ElevatorGrain Elevators of Buffalo, NY Enjoy The Beauty That Surrounds You (#etbtsy)!

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