All About the Rolling Hills

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Trees Climbing Up the Hill, Moravian Rolling Hills, Czech Republic, EuropeTrees Climbing Up the HillMoravian Rolling Hills Today we're heading out on a beautiful hike through the rolling hills of Southern Moravia, Czech Republic. It started down in a valley following a dirt road winding between a field and some woods.

In one of the curves I looked to the left and back and saw a distant patch of trees in the middle of a large field. It looked like a creature trying to climb the slope. But the creature was in a shadow cast by the clouds traveling the sky, traveling rather fast though. I found my composition and patiently waited. As the clouds moved on sunshine hit the patch and all looked great. One press of the shutter release, the pleasing sound of the shutter swishing by, and the moment was preserved.

There was so much photogenic landscape around. The gentle curves of the hills, the greenery of the field, the blues of the sky, and the streaming clouds providing the cherry on top of it all. And that was just the start of the hike with so much sure to come.

Cloud over Land, Moravian Rolling Hills, Czech Republic, Europe.Cloud over LandMoravian Rolling Hills

Cloud over Land, Moravian Rolling Hills

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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