An Abstract Dose - Not the usual suspects at Akron Falls

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Painted Tree, Akron Falls Park, NYPainted TreeAkron Falls Park, NY

Back to a familiar spot leaving with not so familiar photographs. Indeed, I first headed up the stream of the Murder Creek to satisfy my waterfall thirst. There, I had fun with the beautiful falls and the pool underneath, later moving on to the plentiful and wonderful rocks in the creek, and eventually hitting the path through the woods on my way back. I did not strictly stay on the path. Instead, I wandered through the woods mostly keeping my eyes on the creek looking for some close up opportunities as the clear water rushed over and around the rocks in the creek bed. I also noted some vegetation in the woods though, as well as bright patterns created by the sunlight finding its way through the trees.

And then it struck me. There was a beautiful tree trunk in the distance completely different than the forest around. Its trunk was bare and nature clearly used it as a canvas to paint its masterpiece on. Light and dark areas creating what appeared to be some kind of a topographic map, with contours curving around and encircling some of the knots in the wood as if showing the peaks on the map.

It also proved to be rather challenging to photograph this painting. Unlike a regular painting, the surface was not flat but running around a tree trunk. And even within a smaller area the irregular surface was moving up and down closer and further from the camera. I tried to find the best position to make my camera as parallel with the photographed section as possible and reached for f/22 for the maximum depth of field.

Half & Half Black and White Tree Trunk Abstract, Akron Park, NYHalf & HalfAkron Park, NY The tree had more to offer too. While the one side was showcasing the beautiful light and dark painted areas, the other one was almost squeaky clean, plain, showing just the texture of the wood. And it was not a gradual transition, but a rather abrupt one. Like two canvases next to each other, one was painted and one was still waiting for its painter to unleash their vision. And it was that surprising transition that I tried to capture in the second photograph here.

Unlike the first one in color, I went for a black and white here to underscore the almost instant transition from one pattern to another.

What a wonderful early morning at Akron Falls, what a wonderful morning out in the woods. I always enjoy the quiet of the early hours with no or very few people around and the only sounds being the birds chirping, water humming, or wind whistling. Let these two photos be a constant reminder to myself to keep my eyes open and look beyond the planned, beyond the expected, beyond the obvious. There is always something new waiting to be discovered!

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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