Outdoors Fun along Buffalo River

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Kayaking the Elevator Alley, Buffalo, NYKayaking the Elevator AlleyBuffalo, NY

A beautiful Saturday morning along the Buffalo River. Clear blue sky, warm, but not too hot just yet. And lots of kayakers enjoying the just about perfect conditions.

In the first photo a couple is paddling through the Elevator Alley approaching the Perot Malting Elevator on the left, the American Grain Elevator peeking out just behind it, the Ohio Street Bridge in the distance, and the Standard Grain Elevator on the right. In the distance by the American Elevator there is a guided kayak group too learning a bit about Buffalo's history.

I usually avoid people in my landscape and urban photographs. Having photographed this location many times though a new twist seemed in order. With my camera on the tripod framing a new angle I noticed these two approaching from the Mutual Riverfront Park, changed my composition just slightly and waited for them to enter the scene. The happy colors of their kayaks matched the overall happy summer mood really well.

Elevators and Trains, Standard Grain Elevator, Buffalo River, Buffalo, NYElevators and TrainsStandard Grain Elevator, Buffalo River Then I continued looking for a new perspective  to show the alley differently than in my previous photographs. I liked the juxtaposition of the river and the trains parked by the Standard Elevator to show what the elevators were used for. Large boats dropped their loads of grain to be stored in the elevators. The grain was then loaded onto smaller boats heading up the Erie Canal, or trains.

From the Mutual Riverfront Park I headed over to the Buffalo Riverfront Park to check out the status of the 6-pack. Since I had photographs of the original G. L. F. silos and then the Labatt Blue 6-pack, I wanted to see what the upgraded look would be. It turns out I was a bit too early. The old logos were gone but the new ones not up yet. Just a deep blue base. But that was not a problem, it actually gave me yet another look.

And the park had an unplanned surprise for me. There was a Regatta Race in motion and Riverworks on the other side of Buffalo River was packed! I watched couple races and combined the happy boat colors with the blues of the silos for a nice photo of urban life in summer. It's really cool to see these new areas so full of life when just a few years ago they were abandoned and lifeless. So yes, another photo with people included.

Riverworks Regatta 2016, Buffalo River between Riverfest and Riverworks, Buffalo, NYRiverworks Regatta 2016Buffalo River between Riverfest and Riverworks

Riverworks Regatta 2016, Buffalo River between Riverfest and Riverworks, Buffalo, NY

Queen City Bike Ferry, Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NYQueen City Bike FerryOuter Harbor, Buffalo, NY From there, I only had one more stop: the new Outer Harbor stop of the Queen City Bike Ferry. It's a functional and fun way to connect the inner and outer harbors of Buffalo, NY. Whether you are on a bike or foot, it extends your outdoor options quite a bit. Especially on a bike, one can now start around the Union Ship Canal or Gallagher Pier and head north towards Buffalo Main Light (even though the final section is pushing bikes only) and then hop on the ferry to Canalside, and continue on the bike paths along the Niagara River.

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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