Leaving the Station

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The Empire Service train number 288 leaving the Buffalo Exchange Street (BFX) station heading to Niagara Falls. It's usually the locomotive that attracts my attention and that is how it started this evening in downtown Buffalo, NY too. Returning from scouting a few locations in Lockport, I took a detour through downtown Buffalo to complete an unfinished business. During my last visit there was no scheduled train for hours. This time, consulting the online schedules, it looked like a short wait. That gradually changed as the delay worked its way past the 30 minute mark but still, well worth it in my opinion.

As the arrival time approached I headed to the vantage point picked on my previous visit and spent a few minutes fine tuning my composition and exposure being careful with the strong background light making sure it would be the train that would be exposed properly, maybe just a hint darker. I also switched to manual focus and pre-focused where I wanted the locomotive in my shot. And then it happened and engine 712 pulled the train into the station and I fired off three shots. One before the locomotive reached my target spot, one right on, and one later. And it seemed over. Time to pack up and go, right? Especially since the locomotive was way past the station and I could not get anywhere in front of it for another frontal shot.

Something told me not to. I hung around and waited for the train to leave. I moved further up front, almost to the front of the train, to be closer to the underpasses where the train would ultimately disappear. As the train rolled past me I noticed the clouds of dust it raised in the distance. The strong backlight was illuminating the dust beautifully! I got excited knowing this was better than what I had so far. As the moment approached I re-enabled auto-focus, raised the ISO, and fired a single shot.

Amtrak leaving Station, Buffalo Exchange Street Station (BFX)Amtrak leaving StationBuffalo Exchange Street Station

Amtrak Leaving Buffalo Exchange Station Street (BFX)

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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