Lake Erie Lakeshore on Pinhole

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A wonderful cloudy evening on the shore of Lake Erie like created for some moody black and white pinhole photography. I headed to a previously photographed location where I really liked the rock layers positioned perfectly to interact with the incoming lake waves. In many ways, photography there is just like along a rocky ocean coastline. I really liked how the horizon line was blending in with the sky even in color, in blue tones. I did not really know how the scene would turn out in black and white and and in a pinhole photograph on top. And unlike digital, I did not know how it turned out even after clicking the shutter, well, after opening and closing the wooden latch. I had to wait for several days until the roll of film reached its end and I had a chance to develop it. Such a great feeling pulling the roll out of the tank and hanging it to dry and seeing the right amounts of black and white tones!

Rocky Shore, Lake Erie, Western New York; Black and White Film Pinhole PhotographRocky Shore, Lake ErieZero Image Pinhole, Fuji Neopan 100 Acros

Rocky Shore, Lake Erie; A Black and White Film Pinhole Photograph

Zero Image, 35mm Film Pinhole CameraZero Image Pinhole35mm Film Pinhole Camera Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you (#etbtsy)!

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