As the Clouds Roll In

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Clouds Streaming over Lake Erie, Hamburg Beach, Hamburg, NYClouds Streaming over Lake ErieHamburg Beach, Hamburg, NY Previously from Hamburg Beach: Stormy Hamburg Beach and Lake Erie Shoreline - One Beach, Yet More Looks - One Beach, Different Looks - Winter Abstracts - The Frozen Moon Land is Back - Arctic Tundra in Buffalo, NY - Frozen Desolation on Lake Erie -  Lacking Perspective - As the Clouds Roll In

This January and its non-winter-like character almost had me start believing in writer's block. I normally don't think about topics like that as there always seems to be plenty around to attract my attention and my camera. But this January proved to be a special challenge for me.

After I enjoyed photographing the Chestnut Ridge cottage in snow, things changed, it warmed up, all snow disappeared, and the outdoors looked like early spring. Just too early for any colors to show as in true spring. All gray, all wet, all mostly dirty. Then it started pouring and poured for two weeks. Bad to motivate one to spend more time outside, good to wash the dirt away. But still, I had my hopes high to capture some typical Western New York winter landscape, whether on land or water (hoping for ice).

I used the down time to work through my older photos that still had not seen the light of day and had been electronically decaying in a pile of bits. But it was no substitute for being out there!

Then the itch was finally stronger than any reservations and excuses and I headed to a familiar and favorite place of mine to recharge. The intention was a sunset gamble. The cloud cover was rather thick and chances slim but that often yields the best results. Upon arrival, what surprised me the most was the calm surface of the lake. I don't think I had ever seen it as calm as this evening. It was barely moving, just gentle energy swishing around under the lake's surface. The clouds were slowly moving overhead. By then, I knew there would be no sunset and I looked for alternate plans. The calm water and the streaming clouds overhead and I reached for long exposures to capture the mood of the moment. The distant hint of sunset reds was a great bonus!

The first composition clearly confirmed the direction of the clouds. For long exposures, it is always great to get the clouds moving straight at the camera. And this night it worked great as I could spin a bit to the left, point my camera more to the west, and get a sliver of land in the picture.

Incoming Clouds from the West, Hamburg Beach, Hamburg, NYIncoming Clouds from the WestHamburg Beach, Hamburg, NY

Incoming Clouds from the West, Hamburg Beach, Hamburg, NY

What can I say? I enjoyed the evening immensely and the recharge was successful. I know, I've been back out there since!

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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