Road through Fiery Wonders

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Rock Skyline Road, Valley of Fire State Park, NevadaRock Skyline RoadValley of Fire Previously from Lake Mead and the Valley of Fire: Road Trip through Mars - Road through Fiery Wonders

So what was my destination #2 from the previous post? While not a national park nor a National Recreational Area like Lake Mead, don't let its status of a State Park make you think that it's of a subpar quality. Not at all! And I think it's named appropriately - The Valley of Fire. An amazing collection of natural red rock formations and a spectacular road winding through it all. Whether you are an avid hiker and spend most of your time on foot there or just enjoy a cruise through a wonderful landscape you will find something for yourself here. My humble opinion? If you find yourself in Las Vegas, leave the Strip behind and set your GPS for this state park. Just stop at a store to load up on at least a gallon of water and some snacks, hit the gas, and don't look back.

You will not regret your drive time nor the admission fee and you will know that even as you approach the park. And once in, the views seem to get better by the minute too. It's like a good movie with the plot getting more and more intense, a surprise here and there, and the best left for the end. And on that note, let me do that with my blog post too. Let this be just a small teaser and a step towards what's yet to come!

The Double Yellow, Valley of Fire State Park, NevadaThe Double YellowValley of FIre

The Double Yellow, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you (#etbtsy)!

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Road to The Organ, Arches National Park, Utah (UT).Destination: The OrganArches National Park Happy on the Road at Lake Mead National Recreational Area, Nevada.Happy on the RoadValley of Fire Yellow Alley at Emery Park, New York (NY) near East Aurora and Buffalo in the Fall - Autumn.Yellow AlleyEmery Park



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