No Two Are the Same

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As you can see from the growing list above I like to revisit Hamburg Beach quite often. And I believe it is for a good reason. What a location it is! Right in the back yard by one of the Great Lakes and with some impressive cliffs right at the water's edge giving it the look of an attractive faraway vacation destination. Every time I visit it is different, whether due to seasons, time of day, weather, or other changes. It's similar with sunsets in my opinion. No two are ever the same no matter how many you have seen and no matter how many people call them cliché.

Quiet Sunset over Lake Erie, Hamburg Beach, Hamburg, NYQuiet Sunset over the LakeHamburg Beach, Hamburg, NY

Quiet Sunset over Lake Erie, Hamburg Beach, Hamburg, NY

There are always a few impeccable seconds just before sunset when the low sun hits the cliffs and the wet rocks glisten proudly. Then, it's all over almost in an instant. And it is that simple act that always starts my mind wondering about the physics of this world. The light on the rocks always disappears before the sun does!

Night Taking over Hamburg Beach, Hamburg, NYNight Taking over Hamburg BeachHamburg, NY So what happens when the sun sets? That is when the fun starts! The 15 - 20 minutes after sunset are always filled with expectations and doubts. Is everything going to come together and generate a marvellous light and color show as the clouds light up from below? Or is the sun's path to the clouds going to be obstructed without any show at all? And of course, a compromise can be reached with forces meeting half way. And you just never know. No matter how much you try to read the situation, things will happen their own way.

This evening, a rather heavy cloud layer over the shore with a clear opening on the horizon seemed promising. I definitely was not putting my camera away prematurely even as I watched couple people retreat leaving the scene all to myself. End result? It was not meant to be this evening. The day quietly turned into a night and peace and quiet took over. Did I feel disappointed? Yes, maybe a little, but the whole experience of anticipation was well worth it and I won't hesitate to do it again, many times over and over.

This evening, the relaxed atmosphere helped me experiment with other techniques too. I stuck a stick into the sand and clipped my phone holder to it trying to go for a nice sunset time-lapse. It was too low to the ground (intentionally) and I did not feel like bending down with my hurt back so I just guessed where to point it. It did not pan out.

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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