Violators will be prosecuted!

May 12, 2017  •  2 Comments

Previously from Akron Falls: Variety: Follow the Grand Vistas with Detail Shots - Morning on Murder Creek - Going for the Details AgainWestern New York Winter Wonderland at Akron Falls - As Winter Fades Away ...An Abstract Dose - Not the usual suspects at Akron Falls - Violators will be prosecuted!

Violators Will Be Prosecuted, Akron Falls ParkViolators Will Be ProsecutedAkron Falls Park Signs like this are popping all around like mushrooms after rain in large numbers. Humanity is probably reaching new lows, losing common sense, and lawsuits and liability taking a toll. There are three warning signs just around the base of the Lower Akron Falls. Getting a photograph without one of the ugly sheets of metal is pretty much impossible.

And while Murder Creek was a bit angry this spring after all of the rain we got the area is very calm later in the year, with the waterfall down to a trickle by summer. And many of the prettiest views are past this point. Yet, I doubt this sign will come down as the creek's water goes down.

Am I never to get another legal photograph of this beautiful natural sight from up close? Really? Actions of a few #$%^&* robbing all else of enjoying what nature created for all to see? I don't think this is the solution, yet, I see it applied all too often ... Apparently, signs, official viewpoints, railings, and other features are needed to protect us from ourselves. Or maybe a web cam will be installed and the area walled off so that we don't have to risk getting off our couches.

Go and enjoy your outdoors today while you can and while the settings are somewhat natural.

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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Daniel Novak Photo
I hear you Cam! The jumping has been a long tradition though and I can't remember the last time I went there in the afternoon or evening. All my visits are early mornings around sunrise, at which time "the jumpers" sleep. I also live a bit far to waste a drive. Still, if the sign stays I'll be in the same boat. Let's step up our waterfall photography while we can!
Cam Wall(non-registered)
This is absolutely enraging. I try to get to Akron Falls once/twice per year to get up-close shots. The last time I went (summer, August-ish), there were two separate groups of teens jumping off the falls' top into the water below. Not only was what they were doing completely stupid/dangerous, it nearly ruined my day there (AF is about a 40 minute drive from my house). Luckily they wisened up and left so I could get my shots at ground level.

I really do hope the signs come down as the water level settles-- I can't see myself visiting AF again if I can only go as far as the sign.
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