What did all the rain do at Akron Falls?

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With all of the rain of April 2017 and May adding to the totals so far I really wanted to see what that did to Akron Falls. I usually go there in summer or fall by which point the waterfall is reduced to a trickle, and I enjoy that. It adds just enough water to go with all of the moss covered rocks that the place looks like fairy land. I visited once at the and of winter and there was plenty of water but I did not like that everything still had the bare winter look with trees without foliage. So this year, the abundance of rain offered an opportunity to check it out in May with green all around.

Right from the start of the trail I could immediately tell the difference. The usually gentle rock hopping Murder Creek was more of a raging river with much more water and moving forcefully. On the other side of the bridge the creek was spilling out of its usual banks. And when I eventually faced the Lower Akron Falls the rage was also present. Under normal circumstances, only the bottom half of the cliff offers falling water. The top may or may not have a waterfall on the right-hand side. This morning the top waterfall was at full flow across the full width, something I have not seen before. The romantic feeling was not there. It was all about power!

Akron Falls Rumble, High Water on Murder CreekAkron Falls RumbleHigh Water on Murder Creek

Akron Falls Rumble, High Water on Murder Creek

As you can see in the photograph, heavy blowing mist was also a problem and the backlight caused many flare spots compliments of the droplets settling on the lens despite cleaning before each shot. However, I liked the end result that serves as a further description of the scene.

Lower Akron Falls, New York (NY) in summer frequently reduced to a magical trickleAkron FallsUsual Summer Trickle In the end, I opted for a black and white photo that does not really showcase all of the spring greenery, however, hides some of the clutter the colors resulted in. I believe the simplicity of the black and white form better sums up the essence of the scene.

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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