Fiery Sunset over Buffalo Skyline

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Buffalo offers absolutely breathtaking sunsets while looking west over Lake Erie or the powerful Niagara River. However, the city itself can also look great during sunset with the sun at one's back. This particular evening, the light developed in a dramatic fashion. At first, clouds on the horizon blocked the rays of sun from reaching the city skyline leaving the view to the east very flat and lacking any drama. Over the years, I've learned that while I can't control what happens I can control what I do. And giving up is not the right measure in situations like this. Sure, it can result in a disappointment and several hours going by with no photographic outcome to show for it but the locations offer their own experience no matter what the outcome. No one can take that experience away, the quiet observation and just living in the moment.

So, I set my camera on a tripod, picked my composition, and waited while watching birds do their fishing, boats running up and down the Niagara River, airplanes taking off over the city, all that with the constant hum of the river. I also took the time to play with filters to slow down the exposure and provide just the right amount of motion blur in the water. And I waited some more.

Then, some nice clouds positioned themselves above the city, one on the left and one on the right, like towers of an ancient castle. And then the sun broke through and lit the clouds up, leaving the city in the dark. I checked the exposure, the focus, the river blur, and continued waiting.

And this evening, my patience was rewarded. And not just once, but twice! First, just for about a minute, the sunlight found its way to the buildings of Buffalo making it brightly stand out. I captured the scene in excitement thinking that was  what I was waiting for. Then, as quickly as it started the show was over and the city returned to darkness even as the clouds over remained illuminated. The light kept fading but the clouds were getting more and more intense. I started capturing more photographs not sure when the peak would come. But when it did it was clear as the overall color in the sky started quickly diminishing and daylight fading into night.

In the end, I left with two photographs I like and am sharing the latter one here with you today, the final moment of this night's shoot.

Dark Drama over Buffalo Skyline and Niagara RIverDark Drama over BuffaloA dramatic sunset over the Niagara River and the city of Buffalo, NY.

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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The skyline of Buffalo, NY under a Blue Moon of 2012Blue Moon over BuffaloBuffalo, NY and the mighty Niagara River Buffalo Skyline during Blue Hour, Buffalo, NY & Niagara RiverBuffalo Skyline during Blue HourBuffalo, NY and the mighty Niagara River
Full Moon rising over the skyline of downtown Buffalo, emerging low right in between buildings.Full Moon in BuffaloBuffalo, NY and the mighty Niagara River Buffalo, New York (NY) City Skyline across the Niagara River from Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.Buffalo Skyline across the Niagara RiverBuffalo, NY and the mighty Niagara River





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