The Moods of Cargill

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Cargill Pool Grain Elevator Time LapseBuffalo, NY Last Thursday night I found myself on Gallagher Beach enjoying a very cloudy end of the day. I arrived late because I falsely relied on remembering the sunset time from a few days back. It is amazing how much the time shifts in just a week!

I would have been on time had I not forgotten my water bottle at home. But since I did and felt rather thirsty I stopped at a gas station along route 5 to buy a bottle of water. All that thinking I still had time to spare.

I did not really mind though as I was here not for the sunset but for the dramatic clouds that obstructed the sunset anyway. Had I been on location a few minutes earlier I would have had a better opening for the video. This way, I have something to improve upon next time - both to double-check the sunset time and to grab an even more dramatic light.

That evening, I did not pull out my standard camera. Instead, I framed and (hopefully) captured a black and white photo on my Nikon FE on black and white film and then used my iPhone to take some of the mood in using a time lapse video, which you can see here.

I think this sets up a nice look back through my previous visits to this Buffalo icon and the different moods the grain elevator and the lake can have.


The Old Faithful Cargill Pool Grain Elevator, Gallagher Beach, Buffalo, NYThe Old FaithfulCargill Pool Grain Elevator, Buffalo, NY Winter Blues at the South End Marina Cargill Pool Elevator, Outer Harbor on Lake Erie, Buffalo, New York (NY).Winter Blues at the South End Marina Cargill Pool ElevatorCargill Pool Grain Elevator, Buffalo, NY Night over the South End Marina Cargill Pool Elevator, Waterfront Outer Harbor, Buffalo, New York (NY).Night over the South End Marina Cargill Pool ElevatorCargill Pool Grain Elevator, Buffalo, NY Grain Elevator at Dusk, South End Marina Cargill Pool Elevator / Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator, Gallagher Pier, Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY.Grain Elevator at DuskCargill Pool Grain Elevator, Buffalo, NY South End Marina Cargill Pool Elevator, grain elevator by the Gallagher Pier, Outer Harbor, Buffalo Waterfront.South End Marina Cargill Pool ElevatorCargill Pool Grain Elevator, Buffalo, NY

Oh, and that beach you see by the rocks in the foreground in these photos was nowhere to be found. The lake completely took over.

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

Update: Edited August 17 to double the video speed for more action and less waiting, and added background music for more drama.

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