Mossy Wonderland of Spring at Murder Creek

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High Water at Murder Creek, Akron Falls County Park near Buffalo, NYHigh Water at Murder CreekAkron Falls County Park How about some greenery today? Green foliage, green moss-covered rocks, and a beautiful stream rushing by. What could be more pleasing? And rushing the creek was! Compliments of the heavy rains of the spring, Murder Creek was swelling and spilling on the banks into areas that don't see water much. Was it trying to live up to its name?

I am opening today's post with a composition I usually gravitate towards. With water in the photo, it should have prominent space in the frame, right? Add a long exposure to it allowing the rushing water to blur and there's one more reason to fill the frame with it.

But this morning was different. I did my usual tripod dance working the composition for this photo arriving at what you see here. But as I continued looking around the rocks started talking to me louder and louder. Their number, them being in a flooded area that's normally dry, them covered with some wonderful moss adding to the overall green look. It all screamed spring! Green, green, and more green everywhere.

I stood up and turned more to the right looking more into the woods than towards the creek and then the scene revealed itself.

Murder Creek Greens, Akron Falls County Park near Buffalo, NYMurder Creek GreensAkron Falls County Park near Buffalo, NY

Murder Creek Greens, Akron Falls Park near Buffalo, NY

What do you think? Which one do you like more?

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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