The Village of Hamburg Waking Up

June 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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Catching a sunrise is always wonderful and somehow more rewarding than a sunset. I usually run away from civilization to enjoy the special moment on my own, away from people and the noises of every day life. This morning, however, I got up early to see the village of Hamburg, NY wake up. It was a weekend and I arrived very early around 5:30 a.m. The sun was nowhere to be seen, yet, there were definitely signs of life already - the occasional pedestrian, a car passing by. All still very quiet but waking up. And that was wonderful to observe as the change was obvious with more and more life showing up every minute.

I am really glad I arrived before the sun lit up the streets as that was another great experience. Not only does the sun need to rise rather high to send its rays into the streets it needs to clear various other obstacles too. There are trees to rise above, and buildings of different height lining the street. Finally, as the sun rises a bit more north in summer its rise also repositions it more to the east clearing the way to enter streets running east to west without obstacles. And since my focus this morning was on Main Street which runs in this direction, the morning time was definitely a time of change.

I'd like to show two pairs of side by side photographs from this morning where the first photo was taken before the sun illuminated the street and the buildings and the second right after the sun made its entrance.

Coyote Cafe Mexican Restaurant at Daybreak, Hamburg, NYCoyote Cafe at DaybreakHamburg, NY

Coyote Cafe Mexican Restaurant at Daybreak, Hamburg, NY

Coyote Cafe Mexican Restaurant at Sunrise, Hamburg, NYCoyote Cafe at SunriseHamburg, NY

Coyote Cafe Mexican Restaurant at Sunrise, Hamburg, NY

Hess Brothers Florist at Daybreak, Hamburg, NYHess Brothers Florist at DaybreakHamburg, NY

Hess Brothers Florist at Daybreak, Hamburg, NY

Hess Brothers Florist at Sunrise, Hamburg, NYHess Brothers Florist at SunriseHamburg, NY

Hess Brothers Florist at Sunrise, Hamburg, NY

Enjoy The Beauty That Surrounds You (#etbtsy)!

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