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This collection is a selection of my black and white landscape and cityscape photographs. While I like photographs with bold warm colors I also find their counterparts lacking any color very appealing. Each group speaks a different language but they each have something to say!

Chemical Storage Door

Chemical Storage Door, Silo City - Elevator Alley, Buffalo, New York (NY)

Akron Falls Rumble

Akron Falls Rumble, Akron, NY near Buffalo, NY

A House Past Prime

A House Past Prime

Eighteen Mile Creek Bend in Winter

Eighteen Mile Creek Bend in Winter, Hamburg, NY on Film

Sportster 1200 Custom

Washed and Wet Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom Engine

Black & White Symmetry

Black & White Symmetry, South Grand Island Bridge, Buffalo, NY

Stormy Weather over the Lake

Stormy Weather over Lake Erie, Hamburg Beach, Buffalo, NY

Nostalgic Hydraulic Hearth

Nostalgic Black and White Hydraulic Hearth Restaurant, Larkin Square, Buffalo, New York (NY)

Hamburg Palace Classic

Hamburg Palace Classic

Winter's Art on Murder Creek

Winter's Art on Murder Creek, Akron Falls Park near Buffalo, New York (NY).

Rocks of Buttermilk Falls

Rocks of Buttermilk Falls, Eighteen Mile Creek Tributary, North Evans, New York (NY).

Stormy over Buffalo Central Terminal

Stormy over Buffalo Central Terminal on a Black & White Photograph.

Drying Garlic

Traditional drying tied and hung bunch of garlic, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic.

Old Ladder in an Old Shed

Old Ladder in an Old Shed, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic. Starý žebřík ve staré kůlně, jižní Morava, Česká republika.

Tracks in the Field

Tracks in Alfalfa Field, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic, Europe.

Horseshoe Falls in White

Horseshoe Falls in White, Winter at Niagara Falls, Southern Ontario, Canada.


Reaching for Life, a Tree Branch Peeking through Ice and Snow at Emery Park.

South River Falls of Shenandoah

South River Falls Waterfall, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia (VA).

Forest of Imagination

Forest of Imagination, a Motion Blur Abstract from Emery Park. South Wales - East Aurora - Buffalo, New York (NY).

Summer - Best Station Concourse Interior

Summer - Best Metro Rail Subway Station Concourse Interior, Buffalo, New York (NY).

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