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Mark Hannon(non-registered)
Hello Mr. Novak-I was looking for images of the Ohio Street Bridge for my book's Facebook page everymanforhimselfhannon when I discovered your pictures. Just started exploring your site, these are great!-Mark H.
MaryAnn Suda(non-registered)
Saw some of your work at Picture Your Walls in Hamburg. Eric directed me to your website. Absolutely breathtaking photos. Really enjoyed looking! Thank you!
Great pictures both natural landscape and human made ones, you have an eye for finding good shots.
Ray Pregent(non-registered)
Nice photos and especially the landscape shots. Keep up the excellent work !
I also am using the Nikon D7000 and I love it to death. Trying to get more landscape photos though.

Tip: Adding your location to your flickr profile would be helpful. Whenever I see interesting photos on flickr, I usually check the person's profile for address and basic background to get a feel of where the photographer is from.
Thanks, Ray
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