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The fauna and flora of the United States & Beyond, the wild and the captive, the large and the small, ...

Cherry Tree Blossoms

A Close Up of Cherry Tree Blossoms at the Buffalo History Museum's Japanese Garden

Strangler Fig

Strangler Fig Close Up in Kauai, Hawaii

Paradise Ferns

Ferns at the edge of Kalalau Valley in Kauai, Hawaii.

A Single Orange Sunflower

A Single Orange Sunflower, A Bright and Happy Summer Scene in New York State

Yellow Sunflower

A Single Yellow Sunfower, A Bright and Happy Summer Scene in New York State

Letchworth Daisy

Pink-toned Daisy Flower in Letchworth State Park, New York

Swallow Hollow Dandelion

Common Yellow Dandelion at Swallow Hollow, New York

Swallow Hollow Wasp

A Paper Wasp at Swallow Hollow, New York

Swallow Hollow Caterpillar

Fuzzy Caterpillar at Swallow Hollow, Possibly a Virginia Ctenucha Moth, New York

Catkins, Blue Theme

Catkins, Blue Sky Theme, Spring in Western New York

Catkins, Green Theme

Catkins, Green Grass Theme, Spring in Western New York

Praying Mantis in Shenandoah

Praying Mantis in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Hawaiian Monk Seal on Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii.

Coyote in the Desert

Eye contact with a coyote in the light of setting sun in Sonoran Desert, Arizona (AZ).

The Curves of Agave

Curves of Agave, Century Plant. Chiaroscuro composition with light and dark areas.

Iguana of Fence Post

Iguana of Fence Post

Banana Flower

Banana Flower

Elephant Feet

Elephant Feet

Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque

Fishing at Sunrise

Fishing at Sunrise

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