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Created 11-Feb-15
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A collection of abstract photographs created by light itself. A light beam in a dark room is refracted by differently shaped and cut glass and captured with a sensor of a digital camera without a lens. Tiny movements or rotation of the glass results in different patterns of light. A single or multiple light sources can be used, white or colored by passing through colored transparencies.

The Future

The Future, a Refractograph with Room for Imagination

Wizard's Glass

Wizard's Glass, a single-color refractograph, an abstract by light.

Two Sailboats

Two Sailboats, a colored refractograph, an abstract by light.


Lanterns, a colored refractograph, an abstract by light.

The Teleport

The Teleport, an abstract  photograph of light, a refractograph. Art of shapes and curves.

Flying through a Black Hole

Flying through a Black Hole, an Abstract Refractograph on Black Background.

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Keywords:abstract, art, collection, light, paint, pattern, refractography, texture