The Mystery of Papermill Falls

June 23, 2014 - This story started last summer when we wanted to start exploring some of the less obvious areas of the wonderful Letchwo...
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Mutual Riverfront Park, Buffalo, NY

June 16, 2014 - The other day, someone on G+ posted a comment under one of my photos from Buffalo that Buffalo is dead. I did not feel l...
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The Subway Classic

June 12, 2014 - Last year, I set to create a collection of moody photographs from the Buffalo Metro Rail Subway. I wanted to present all...
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Watching Time Pass

June 09, 2014 - The mystery of Papermill Falls is what got this photo started but will be a story for another day. Finding Papermill Fal...
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On the Road Collection of Road Photographs

June 05, 2014 - In American landscape photography it's usual to shy away from anything man-made. Only pure natural elements are usually...
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13th Annual Red, White & Blue Balloon Festival, Letchworth State Park 2014

June 02, 2014 - Previously on ballooning: 2014 13th Annual Letchworth Red, White & Blue Balloon Festival, 2013 Balloon Festivals,... Thi...
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