Shenandoah: Hiking

June 19, 2017 - Previously from Shenandoah: Trouble with Color - The Details or the Wide and Grand? - The Skyline Drive View in Autumn -...
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Through Czech Countryside

June 13, 2017 - Previously from the Czech Republic: A Stroll through Moravian Countryside, Sunset Stroll through Southern Moravian Count...
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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2017 - The Final Six

June 06, 2017 - Previously on pinhole photography: A New Chapter, a New Book - Pinhole Photography, Film Pinhole Photography, Seaside Pi...
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Roadside Treasures

June 02, 2017 - While exploring new Southtowns roads on a motorcycle, I came upon this beauty of a roadside treasure. It just shows one...
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