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The Great Unexpected

March 21, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Submerged rocks in foggy sunrise, Lake Erie, Eighteen Mile Creek Mouth, near Buffalo, NY.Rocks, Water, Fog I had a post on this topic a while back, called Plan but Welcome the Random. I've also already described my experience directly under this photo in my gallery. But I decided I'd also post it here in the blog to highlight what seems to be a repeating experience of mine. Planning is great. Without planning and expectations, chances are I would not be in these gorgeous places. So it is thanks to planning that I make it out during early morning hours and everybody thinks I am crazy. But it actually quite often the random, the unexpected, that gets me the photos that I like the most.

It was a gorgeous foggy morning, just foggy and gorgeous in a completely different way than what I expected. This was not the low hanging fog that fills up valleys and sits over water. This was a thick layer of fog higher up obstructing any clear views into the distance, mostly blocking the horizon, and also keeping the sun away for hours after sunrise. And that was the biggest difference from my expectations. I could see the sun in the east as a faint ball, almost like a full moon, trying to pierce through and bring some light and color into the landscape. That did not happen even two hours into the day, the fog would not burn off.

As a result, sweeping colorful landscapes were not an option, but the fog provided a nice simple backdrop for close ups like this one.

Thank you Mother Nature, this was a morning to remember! Have fun!


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