The Fading Fall on Smoke Creek, Orchard Park

November 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Fall at Smoke Creek, Dose of Color before Winter, Green Lake, Orchard Park, New York (NY).Fall at Smoke CreekDose of Color before Winter As the colors slowly fade around us in Western New York and we enter the gray period between fall and winter I am going to stay in denial for a little longer and enjoy the colors at least in photographs, whether my own or taken by others. That's a great thing about photography. It can preserve the moments you enjoyed for times when you miss them.

I like the seasons, whether the bold colors of fall, the clean look of snowy winter, the emerging subtle colors of spring, or the lush greens of summer. Somehow though, the grey season lurks in between, and that is a period I like to cheer up to pass quickly.

This was a fairly chilly fall day and I really enjoyed having the colors for the main course and breathing the chill in for a side. I spent about half a day out and about Orchard Park, a suburb of Buffalo, NY. I returned to the library to document it in yet another season, wondered over to the train depot just across the parking lot, and then moved on to Green Lake to see if I could get inspired and capture something new.

After a brief time along the shore I moved closer to the dam and thought I'd check out the waterfall that I had photographed before. To my surprise, the water level was significantly higher than back then. Why the surprise? Just a few days earlier I went to Emery Park to check out the waterfalls there and was met with almost no water.

First, I made a few predictable moves, climbed down to the base of the falls and enjoyed finding interesting angles. I probably stayed on 4 square feet for at least half an hour, moving the tripod and the camera an inch at a time and looking for what I thought would be the strongest composition.

Once I was satisfied that I had the shot I came for I was ready to leave but something kept me there. I climbed up the side of the waterfall, took a few photographs from the side, and then had fun creating abstracts from the flowing water and the foliage around the creek, as well as the leaves taking a ride in the stream. Then I finally turned around and the rest you can see. Definitely a new angle for me!

Have fun!

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