Daniel Novak Photo | Buffalo Bridges, A Gallery No More, A Collection Born

Buffalo Bridges, A Gallery No More, A Collection Born

March 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sunrise over the South Grand Island Bridge, A New Bridges of Buffalo CollectionSunrise, South Grand Island BridgeA New Bridges of Buffalo Collection I did the unthinkable again, and for the second time with the same set of photos. A while back, I carved out my photographs of bridges and moved them from the Buffalo gallery over to a gallery of their own. And I did that with my winter photographs too. And I did that with photographs featuring water too. And I started mixing the Western New York imagery with photographs from other locations. It got really difficult for everyone to follow that structure.

So today, I am starting a move to a new, hopefully more transparent structure. The bridges are now back under Buffalo, and that gallery is no longer called Buffalo & Vicinity, it's now Buffalo Cityscapes.

And since I still believe bridges deserve their own area, I have created a new collection Bridges of Buffalo.

I am a bit scared but I found the courage to do this. Why scared? Because I have just forced a whole bunch of broken links to my web site. And broken links are scary, scary monsters with black eyes and missing teeth!

Does the change feel rather silly? Turning a gallery into a collection? In isolation, it might be but I hope that when I am done generating even more scary monsters over the next few weeks, it will all make more sense and photographs will be easier to find. And the bridges are now under Buffalo too, as they should be, since they are significant architectural features of the Buffalo Niagara region.

Have fun browsing around!


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