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Photography with a Deadline

November 09, 2015  •  1 Comment

Buffalo Milk Company, Niagara St. & Massachusetts Ave. Corner, Buffalo, NYBuffalo Milk CompanyNiagara St. & Massachusetts Ave. Corner There are many ways a location ends up on my photo op list. This time around, when I saw the news and online articles that this beautiful building might soon be no more, or at least not at its current full form, I put it at the top of the list to make sure I beat the demolition crew.

Weather reports for an early morning looked good with no rain at least until noon. When I got into my car well ahead of sunrise it was completely overcast with a drizzle. It was too late to abort plus rain and architecture often mix well. By the time I arrived on location there was no rain and the cloud layer thinned out a bit.

Capturing the architecture of Buffalo is definitely something I enjoy a lot. I like the look of if and I like learning more. Every time I bring back some architectural photographs I hit the internet, and sometimes more old-fashioned printed resources, to learn more about the history behind.

Knowing the building might not be around for much longer also pushed me towards more than just a standard shot. I wanted to get a high resolution photograph  with plenty of pixels to be able to correct the perspective and to have abundant detail even for large prints. I photographed 4 overlapping rows of 5 overlapping photographs each that I later stitched together for 150+ megapixel photographs of both the corner perspective as well as the frontal head-on.

While this stitching is relatively easy these days, it's not as easy on the DSLR as it is on a smart phone. I certainly don't leave the location with one giant raw image but rather a series of images that have to be processed and stitched, then the perspective corrected. That adds a lot of overhead and sitting in front of a computer, not a favorite activity of mine - too much of that already. I am actively considering more old-fashioned alternatives that would allow me to spend more time on location and less at the computer, but more on that at a later time.

Buffalo Milk Company, Niagara St. Front Facade, Buffalo, NYBuffalo Milk CompanyNiagara St. Front Facade

Buffalo Milk Company, Niagara St. Front Facade, Buffalo, NY

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you (#etbtsy)!

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ReferencesPreservation of Face: 885 Niagara Street on Buffalo Rising - Preservation Ready: 885 Niagara on Buffalo Spree


I live right around the corner from this building and in the past, have passed it thinking it is a shame something isn't done to utilize it. I see children sitting on the stoops, men leaning on the corner walls, and people walking past like it isn't even there. I too read about the future proposals for this site and I'm thrilled they will keep the facade and utilize the space for low income housing, some retail and community support. I'm really glad you captured it as it is today. So, we can watch the transformation.

Even though you explained it, I'm not really clear on how you got that beautiful frontal shot. Amazing.
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