Winter's Magic on Green Lake

February 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Sunset Fire over Frozen Green Lake, Yates Park, Orchard Park, New York (NY).Sunset Fire over Frozen Green LakeOrchard Park, NY This was a gorgeous evening at Green Lake in Yates Park, Orchard Park, NY. The lake was covered with ice and a thick blanket of puffy snow that had a nice glossy crust at the very top. Just a snake of a running water zigzagging through the middle towards the dam in the distance. I had a lot of fun walking around and trying to see and photograph old sights in new light. At first, it did not look like the sunset would bring anything particularly special. I've seen that too many times in the past though to give up too early. I found my composition along the shore, locked the tripod and camera down, and enjoyed the show. The clouds seemed to have come from nowhere. All of a sudden, this formation was floating rather fast diagonally across my selected frame as if it knew where to be. When it floated to the perfect position you can see in the first photo I clicked the shutter a few times. The clouds not only found where to be, but got set on fire at the perfect moment. It is moments like this that make the early mornings, late nights, freezing temperatures, and patience so much worth it! Nothing could be a better encouragement to do it all over next time.

When the show ended and colors started quickly fading I still was not ready to call it a day. I was hungry for a photo that would show that perfect snow cover. I moved further along the shore and spotted a perfect place to highlight it. The stream running through the middle of the lake was almost covered there but the snow was sinking lower showing off its beautiful round forms like a thick duvet cover. I had to move into position on the lake to get as close as possible, and very low with my wide angle lens, to put as much focus on the snow as possible. Above in the distance, I still caught some fading remnants of sunset colors too. What an evening, what a show Mother Nature put on. I stayed until it was pitch black and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Just goes to show that one does not have to go far to see magic!

Green Lake Frozen Over, Yates Park, Orchard Park, New York (NY)Green Lake Frozen OverOrchard Park, NY

Green Lake Frozen Over, Yates Park, Orchard Park, New York

Have fun!

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