Shenandoah: Luray Caverns

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Stalactite Fish Market - Luray Caverns, Shenandoah Valley, VirginiaFish Market - Luray CavernsShenandoah Valley, Virginia This is a tough one for me. I'll say it right at the beginning here, Luray Caverns are absolutely fantastic! Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, cascades, colors, textures, formations resembling objects from the world above ground, whether natural or manmade. Add water and reflections to the mix and it becomes irresistible. Another advantage? At least for now, Luray Caverns are photographer friendly. Cameras are allowed, and so are the tripods.

So why is this a tough one? The caverns are located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia right next door to the Shenandoah National Park and its spectacular Skyline Drive. There, sweeping landscape views of the valleys below, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and a plentiful supply of gorgeous waterfalls create a photographers' paradise. How do you leave all of that behind and go underground?

Wall of Light and Shadows - Luray Caverns, Shenandoah Valley, VirginiaWall of Light and Shadows - Luray CavernsShenandoah Valley, Virginia

One possible way is to make this a rainy day activity.

Many of the natural limestone creations are named based on objects they resemble: Titania's Veil, Dream Lake, The Stalacpipe Organ, Fried Eggs, etc. I did not do too well remembering them or taking notes to be able to align them with my photographs later. As such, I had to, and had the freedom to, select my own names for all of these. Should you be a Luray Caverns expert, I'd love to hear back though regarding their proper given names.

Stalactite Nest - Luray Caverns, Shenandoah Valley, VirginiaStalactite Nest - Luray CavernsShenandoah Valley, Virginia Luray Caverns are not the only caverns around the Shenandoah Valley. As you drive through the valley you will see many billboards trying to lure you to other cavern systems like Shenandoah Caverns, Endless Caverns, Skyline Caverns, and more (see references at the bottom to get a full list).

As you finish your underground visit you're not necessarily done with the location though. There are other attractions right at the same sight, no need to move the car anywhere and no need to pay extra either. You can visit the Luray Valley Museum of the American Frontier, Car and Carriage Museum for a trip back in time, the Garden Maze, Gem Sluice, and Rope Adventure Park. Not too far you will also find the Luray Singing Tower.

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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PS: If the above was not a sufficient teaser here one final one ...

Cavern Window - Luray CavernsCavern Window - Luray Caverns

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References: Luray CavernsVirginia's CavernsCavern Creation on Luray Caverns - Luray Caverns on Britannica


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