Daniel Novak Photo | Inside an Ice Crack

Inside an Ice Crack

January 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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In the afternoon I took Route 5 on my way back from downtown Buffalo, NY and enjoyed the views of the frozen lake. Despite the warm days the ice layer seemed endless and ice fishing was in full swing at the Outer Harbor. I thought the fishermen must be nuts being on the ice after such a dramatic warm up. But it was not just one or two. They were everywhere, like mushrooms after rain.

A quick stop at home, tripod and camera to the car, and off I headed to the lake to see it all for myself. After a short walk on the shore I quickly realized I had underestimated the power of cold temperatures. Yes, we've had a recent warm up but the deep freeze before that did its magic. I could not see the end of the ice layer as it stretched all the way to the horizon. And as the day was nearing its end there were many people returning back on their snowmobiles. The ice was not only all around but still very thick. I did not dig a hole and measure but found a few see-through cracks and would guess at least 8 - 10 inches.

I spent most of the time looking for a new and unique sunset composition at a place I've been to many times. While walking on the ice I stayed away from the large cracks. Then, on the way back I had a different idea. Instead of staying away I went right to one of the long and wide cracks thinking of how to best capture it. I followed it for maybe a 100 feet as it was winding left and right when it finally turned in a way that allowed my to take a photo with the post-sunset sky in the background.

For this photo, I laid the camera down right into the crack for the lowest possible point of view. I like how angles like that skew the perspective.

In an Ice Crack, Frozen Lake Erie, Western New York Winter SunsetIn a CrackInside a large crack in the ice on Lake Erie at sunset. Getting close, skewing the perception of size, and showing you what most simply step over. Inside an Ice Crack, Lake Erie

I will admit though, by this point I had wet and frozen pants as the ice was wet on the surface from the warm and sunny day, my knees were frozen to their bones, and I did not have the patience needed to tinker with the camera for the best possible shot. So this was it, the final photo of the night. After that, I packed up, rushed to the car, started the engine and cranked up the heat!

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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