Daniel Novak Photo | Some Color for This Page: Rocks & Boulders at Sunset

Some Color for This Page: Rocks & Boulders at Sunset

August 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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Let's bring back some color for today's post! And a good dose of it too, compliments of a beautiful sunset over Lake Erie. One of the great advantages of being on the southeast side of the lake is getting a good supply of these. We just need to go shopping for them often enough!

Sharing two sunset stages with you today. In the first photograph the sun approached the horizon and the cloud layer hovering there, the colors peaked, the excitement at its maximum. There were a few people around but not nearly enough given the show. But that was just fine by me. No people required for these moments, the fewer, the better.

Boulders, Rocks, and Setting Sun, Lake Erie SunsetBoulders, Rocks, and Setting SunLake Erie Sunset

Boulders, Rocks, and Setting Sun, Lake Erie Sunset

In the second photograph, the landscape is already going to sleep. And everyone has left. It's now only me, a handful of gadgets, and an onset of darkness. The difference is striking! Everything is calmer, quieter. I don't want to move being afraid to disturb it. Just sit and stare.

When the Sun Goes to Sleep, Lake Erie SunsetWhen the Sun Goes to SleepLake Erie Sunset

When the Sun Goes to Sleep, Lake Erie Sunset

Enjoy The Beauty That Surrounds You (#etbtsy)!

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