Moody Orchard Park Backroads

December 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

After showing off some of the main areas of Orchard Park, NY, we're onto the back roads today with a few moody black and white photographs. A weather front has just moved over and it was dark to the east and almost bright to the west.

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To add to the moody light I was out with a roll of old Agfa APX 400 black and white film. It's common to rate older film stocks at lower speed to insure they get enough exposure. On this occasion though, I went in the opposite direction and pushed the film to EI 800. I developed the roll in Caffenol Delta and added time for a 1-stop push but the negative came our very thin. That ended up exaggerating the contrast and grain during scanning.

Moody United Materials, Orchard Park, NY.Moody United MaterialsOrchard Park, NY

Moody United Materials, Orchard Park, NY
Photographed with a Zorki 4 35mm camera on Agfa APX 400 black and white negative film

What caused the thin negatives? Hard to tell. It could have been the older film as mentioned above, it could be that this emulsion does not respond well to Caffenol Delta or extra development time in it, or it could be my mistake when mixing the Caffenol developer and starting with coffee instead of ending with it. The whole mixture was very foamy!

Moody United Materials Office, Orchard Park, NYMoody United Materials OfficeOrchard Park, NY

Moody United Materials Office, Orchard Park, NY
Photographed with a Zorki 4 35mm camera on Agfa APX 400 black and white negative film

After spending some time with my favorite plant in Orchard Park, NY, I pointed the camera to the skies. The tops of two utility poles caught my attention. It was not the first time that happened. There is something captivating in the criss cross of wires we all depend on so much.

Power in all Directions, Orchard Park, NYPower in all DirectionsOrchard Park, NY

Power in all Directions, Orchard Park, NY
Photographed with a 35mm Minolta XG-7 on Expired Kodak Max 400 Color Negative Film

Some cities and states have begun renewed electrification push in order to lower and maybe one day discontinue the use of fossil fuels for heating, cooking, and lighting. There are so many questions going through my head. How will the electricity be made? Coal-fired plants would certainly not serve this purpose, would they? But more pointedly to these poles, is the grid ready for the accelerated use of additional electricity? The power plants claim so but I have my doubts living the regular power outages every time the wind picks up.

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