Spring is in the Air

May 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

We are only 6 weeks away from summer solstice and the longest day of the year but I still get frost alerts almost daily. That is not really unique to this year and one does not usually clear the frost safety until after Memorial Day here in Western New York. Other than the cold mornings, the days are warm now and nature has sprung to life with greenery and blooms everywhere.

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To acknowledge that, I have updated the slideshow on my homepage to be warmer and more welcoming especially for the locals who are probably done with winter at this point. And you can tell by everyone working on their yards or in their gardens. There's clear excitement for the lively season of spring.

Cherry Tree Blossoms, Buffalo History Museum, Buffalo, NYCherry Tree Blossoms in BuffaloBuffalo History Museum

Cherry Tree Blossoms, Buffalo History Museum, Buffalo, NY
Photographed with a Nikon N75 on Kodak Gold 200 film and developed in Cinestill C-41

For today's post, I have selected couple photographs from the Buffalo History Museum where the annual cherry blossom festival always provides beautiful views and summarizes what I tried to type up above into a single scene. It's a happy place!

Cherry Tree Blossoms, Buffalo History Museum, Buffalo, NYCherry Tree BlossomsBuffalo History Museum

Cherry Tree Blossoms, Buffalo History Museum, Buffalo, NY
Photographed with a Nikon N75 on Kodak Gold 200 film and developed in Cinestill C-41

I posted other photographs from this location in the past but these are more in line with my return to film over the past few years. These were captured on a consumer grade Kodak Gold 200 film with a Nikon N75 plastic fantastic camera that was released by Nikon in 2003 as their last consumer film camera model before the digital revolution killed off that product class.

Cherry Tree Blossoms on Kodak Gold 200 Color Negative FilmFilm StripKodak Gold While you are reading this blog post and looking at the two photographs on a screen of a digital device, know that it lived as analog for a little longer that usual these days. Light hit a rectangle of light sensitive 35mm color negative film and changed its chemical properties forever. Then, the developer continued that chemical reaction and brought the "captured" light back into life, and the fixer made sure the chemical reaction was stopped and the photo on the film became permanent. After that point, I scanned the photo in and converted it into over 400 million of ones and zeros :-)

Are you curious about the old-fashioned art of analog photography? I wrote an article for Emulsive a while back that should provide you with all you need to get started. And if it leaves you with questions, please, feel free to contact me via this website or on Instagram or Facebook.

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Pink-toned Daisy Flower in Letchworth State Park, New YorkLetchworth DaisySpring is in the Air Catkins, Green Grass Theme, Spring in Western New YorkCatkins, Green ThemeSpring is in the Air Common Yellow Dandelion at Swallow Hollow, New YorkSwallow Hollow DandelionSpring is in the Air

Spring Brought Nature Alive at Akron Falls ParkAlive!Spring is in the Air Lush Green Ravine, Chestnut Ridge Park, Orchard Park, NY (near Buffalo)Lush Green RavineSpring is in the Air


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