Cyanotypes XI: Moravian Countryside

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Nikon FE, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Pancake, Mint BackgroundNikon FENikon FE, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Pancake Today's eleventh post on cyanotypes builds on what I have posted about before. I shared how different papers can completely change the look of the final image. I compared three types of paper so far, all watercolor papers. On one end, I used a very bright watercolor paper with a very rough texture, which further contributed to an even more lo-fi look and high contrast. In the middle, I used a watercolor paper with a more subtle texture and lower brightness, which preserved more of the original detail and resulted in less contrast. And finally, printing on a basic smooth watercolor paper provided a result looking the most like a regular photograph, just in blue.

That final option is what I selected for the two prints presented in today's post. I wanted to keep and show the fine detail in the tree as well as the grass and thus went straight for the smooth paper.

Along the Creek, Cyanotype, Hiking NemotínekAlong the CreekCyanotype, Hiking Nemotínek

Along the Creek, Hiking Nemotínek, Nemotice, Czech Republic, An Original Hand-Made 5" x 7" Cyanotype
Chemically printed on a hand-coated smooth watercolor paper

The ability to reproduce fine detail really showed in the second photograph below. The grass and shrubs covering the banks of Kyjovka came through with a surprising detail, including the two trees in the background.

Kyjovka, Cyanotype, Hiking Nemotínek, Nemotice, Czech RepublicKyjovkaCyanotype, Hiking Nemotínek

Kyjovka, Hiking Nemotínek, Nemotice, Czech Republic, An Original Hand-Made 5" x 7" Cyanotype
Chemically printed on a hand-coated smooth watercolor paper

I will definitely continue experimenting with the three papers I have already used as well as introduce new ones. Oh, and I forgot about a fourth type I used at the very beginning and quickly abandoned. It was inkjet watercolor paper and I really do not recommend it for this type of printing, especially if you want something at least somewhat predictable. The cyanotype chemicals will react with the chemicals the paper is coated with to better receive ink and anything can happen. However, even that can provide its own unique look.

Enjoy The Beauty That Surrounds You! #etbtsy

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Bird Island Pier Cyanotype, Buffalo, New YorkBird Island PierCyanotype BUFFALO Cyanotype, Buffalo, New York.BUFFALOCyanotype Chautauqua Belle Steamboat, Shizen Cyanotype, an original hand-made 5" x 7" cyanotype print from the Chautauqua Lake, New York.Chautauqua BelleCyanotype


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