Alabama 2023, Part III, A Hop to Pensacola, Florida

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From Gulf Shores, Alabama, it's not too far to other states. Namely Florida is right around the corner following Route 182 east and enjoying the Gulf of Mexico on the right.

Orange Bicycle, Downtown Pensacola, FloridaOrange BicyclePensacola, Florida
Orange Bicycle, Downtown Pensacola, Florida

I really enjoyed this charming town and it did not hurt we visited a day before Mardi Gras and some of the decorations were already up for a more festive mood. The beautiful afternoon sun warmed up the air and the tones of the photographs I liked the increased contrast too.

Red Stairs, Pensacola, FLRed StairsPensacola, FL
Red Stairs, Pensacola, FL

So many passages and balconies all around with stairs of many kinds. The red of this staircase looked gorgeous against the deep blue sky and it translated into a photograph really well too, which is not always the case. I tried different angles standing directly in front of the stairs, a little to the left, a little to the right, and in the end liked this version the most as it shows how one can sneak by the stairs.

Bricks, Pensacola, FloridaBricksPensacola, Florida

Bricks, Pensacola, Florida

Mentioning the balconies, they all looked great. But this decorated one with the brick building behind it and lit by the warm rays of sun took the prize. I loved the deep black shadow underneath this scene created too.

Plaza Ferdinand VII Sculpture, Pensacola, FloridaPlaza Ferdinand VII SculpturePensacola, Florida

Plaza Ferdinand VII Sculpture, Pensacola, Florida
Nikon FE, Ilford Delta 100, D-23 7 minutes

Not exactly sure about the significance of this sculpture but am assuming it was related to the next day's Mardi Gras. Like with the stairs above I tried various angles here too but in the end the obvious symmetry of the head on approach won.

Seville Quarter, Pensacola, FloridaSeville QuarterPensacola, Florida

Seville Quarter, Pensacola, Florida

That light! We really lucked out on the lighting conditions while visiting Pensacola. Many of the photographs would become quite boring had it not been for the help of the warm directional sunlight. The yellow makes for another great combination with the blue sky, and the red text fits in too.

Mardi Gras Masks, Pensacola, FloridaMardi Gras MasksPensacola, Florida

Mardi Gras Masks, Pensacola, Florida
Nikon FE, Ilford Delta 100, D-23 7 minutes

Walking under the balcony of the Seville Quarter color photo, the Mardi Gras masks in the window caught my attention and I explored several angles again trying to show the sense of the place. I selected this version as the sidewalk goes on into the distance and is lined with the columns supporting the balcony above.

Tarragona St, Pensacola, FloridaTarragona StPensacola, Florida

Tarragona St, Pensacola, Florida

There was something irresistible in the old brick building especially once we cleared the corner and saw the palm trees down the narrow street. And just a little further the crosswalk willed in the corner and the scene was camera ready.

Pensacola Bay Bridge, FloridaPensacola Bay BridgePensacola, Florida

Pensacola Bay Bridge, Florida

Just a few steps from there we made our way to the water's edge offering a nice view of the Pensacola Bay Bridge. And that view will be the end of today's post.

Enjoy The Beauty That Surrounds You! #etbtsy

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Gulf Shores Beach Sunset, AlabamaGulf Shores Beach SunsetGulf Shores, Alabama. Office and Palm Trees, Paradise Isle Resort, Gulf Shores, Alabama.Office & Palm TreesGulf Shores, Alabama Gulf State Park Pier at Sunset, Gulf Shores, AlabamaGulf State Park Pier at SunsetGulf Shores, Alabama


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