More Colors before Winter Comes

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Breaking Ground, © 2008 Michael B. Hamby, Orchard Park, NYBreaking Ground© 2008 Michael B. Hamby Before the winter season dresses everything in white I would like to share some more local colors with you. Across the street from the Orchard Park Public Library, there is a nice green space donated to the town by Scott McFarland in 1993.

One of the main features there is the Breaking Ground sculpture by Michael B. Hamby (© 2008 Michael B. Hamby) surrounded here with beautiful warm fall colors.

Per the inscription on the statue it is "In Celebration of the Settling of Orchard Park by Quaker Farmers In the Early 1800s."

In the second photograph the perspective is changed around to show the green space and the statue up front but feature the library in the background. The library truly is in a beautiful setting. This green space in front, the historic Orchard Park train depot behind, and Yates Park and Green Lake nearby. It's really great to have these green oases in the middle of our villages, towns, and cities.

Orchard Park Library in the Fall, Orchard Park, NYOrchard Park Library in the FallOrchard Park, NY

Orchard Park Library in the Fall, Orchard Park, NY

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you (#etbtsy)!

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ReferencesMichael Hamby on Sculptureworks - To Light or Not To Light (2012)


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