Buffalo, NY - The City of Light

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Light Show at Canalside, Buffalo, NY at NightLight Show at CanalsideBuffalo, NY at Night Whether Buffalo got one of its several nicknames "City of Light" due to widespread electric lighting at the beginning of the twentieth century or not it does feel like it down at the Canalside more and more. Take a walk along the waterfront at Canalside at night and you will see. It's all lit up: the boardwalk, the bridges, all sidewalks, the new Ice at Canalside, holiday decorations, and now even the Connecting Terminal Grain Elevator. And thanks to the several lighting patterns on the grain elevator you have a reason to slow down and hang around for a bit to see them all. The show starts at dusk and continues till 11 p.m. each night. Personally, I like to arrive right at dusk to see how the light rapidly changes as day turns into night and the at first faint illumination starts shining brightly as night settles in.

Every time I am down there I can't help but wonder how so many changes happened in such a relatively short time. Just try to remember what the area looked like two, five, ten years ago. And I hope this freight train of positive changes won't stop any time soon. It took a while to get it moving but the results are so worth it!

Canalside Bridge at Night, downtown Buffalo waterfront, New York (NY)Canalside Bridge at NightBuffalo, NY Canalside Bridge at Night, downtown Buffalo, New York

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You (#etbtsy)!

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ReferencesSee one of Buffalo’s historic grain elevators in a spectacular new light - Buffalo, New York on Wikipedia - Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park


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