Winter Dozen

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This winter season has been ... thorough in Western New York. Lots of snow, lots of low temperatures, lots of true winter. I like winter photography because winter landscapes are simple and clean. Lots of distracting elements are simply covered by snow and a fresh layer of white snow is perfectly clean. However, winter does not have to be devoid of color. Clear days with blue skies, however rare, provide a nice contrast between the blues and the whites. A sunrise or sunset can fire up the sky with a wide palette of warm colors to contrast the cold ice and snow. And a blue hour at dusk or dawn provides even more intense blue tones that can be combined with street lights for even more intensity.

Twelve Photos of Winter, Buffalo and Western New YorkTwelve Photos of WinterBuffalo and Western New York

Let's look at some samples from each category, from an almost pure white abstract pattern in snow to some wild colors. Enjoy the winter dozen and keep warm! If you'd like to see more of my winter photographs, feel free to visit the Winter Collection.

Frozen Sunset, Winter Dozen, Buffalo, NYFrozen SunsetWinter Dozen
Frozen Sunset

The magic of winter on Buffalo's Outer Harbor. Lake Erie frozen solid through the first and second break walls and beyond giving Western New York arctic look and feel. Cold temperatures below 20ºF, ice below one's feet with snow tossed around by the evening breeze, and the warmth of the sunset across the lake. What a wonderful time!

My favorite alley at Emery Park a day after a winter storm. The weather changed from rain to freezing rain to wet snow to snow. All along, temperatures dropped creating a mess on the roads and a winter wonderland in trees. Fortunately, the coating was just right, not too heavy to hurt the trees, yet solid enough to paint everything in sight in white!

Frosty Alley at Emery Park, Winter Dozen, South Wales, NY.Frosty Alley at Emery ParkWinter Dozen

Frosty Alley at Emery Park

Gallagher Pier in Ice, Winter Dozen, Buffalo, NY.Gallagher Pier in IceWinter Dozen

Gallagher Pier in Ice

This Gallagher Pier photo is not just about the pier but also about the beautiful white season the city of Buffalo is known for. A cloudy morning shortly after sunrise provided diffused light and even illumination to capture the details of the pier underneath along with the surrounding ice and distant break wall.

The Horseshoe Falls of Niagara Falls moments after sunset and before the rise of a full wolf moon, the full moon of January. Also moments before the artificial illumination starts at dusk, at varying times throughout the year. January means winter and there are clear signs of it on the vegetation in the foreground. As the mist constantly rises over the falls and wraps everything around in moisture, freezing temperatures turn that moisture into a blanket of white.

Frosty Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Winter Dozen.Frosty Horseshoe FallsWinter Dozen

Frosty Horseshoe Falls

Knox Farm Birdhouses by Fence, Winter Dozen, East Aurora, New York.Knox Farm Birdhouses by FenceWinter Dozen

Knox Farm Birdhouses by Fence

Two birdhouses and a fence leading you into distance along one of the hiking trails at Know Farm State Park in winter.

Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh Depot in Orchard Park, New York located behind the Orchard Park Erie County Public Library, owned and operated by the Western New York Railway Historical Society. In this photograph, you see the depot with a blue hour wintery look, the season Western New York and Buffalo are very well known for.

Where the Trains Don't Go Any More, Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh Depot in Orchard Park, New York, Winter Dozen.Where the Trains Don't Go Any MoreWinter Dozen

Where the Trains Don't Go Any More

Horseshoe Falls in White, Niagara Falls, Winter Dozen.Horseshoe Falls in WhiteWinter Dozen

Horseshoe Falls in White

While most crowds frequent Niagara Falls in summer I find them even more impressive in winter. Whether you visit on the American or Canadian side the whole experience is so much more intense. The colder, the better! Your experience will also be much more natural despite being in the middle of civilization as not many people tend to brave the elements. Come after sunset or before sunrise, and you may be on your own.

A chilly winter morning sunrise on Buffalo's waterfront with everything dressed in white. Lake Erie and Buffalo River frozen solid, and the lighthouse reaching for the blue sky, a sight not so common in Buffalo in winter. And look, instead of the fresnel lens equipped light, there's a Christmas tree up there! A beautiful morning full of fresh air with a bite! A beautiful morning to be outdoors! A beautiful morning for photography!

Season's Greetings from Buffalo Main Light, Winter DozenSeason's Greetings from Buffalo Main LightWinter Dozen

Season's Greetings from Buffalo Light

Winter Roar at Akron Falls, Winter Dozen.Winter Roar at Akron FallsWinter Dozen

Winter Roar at Akron Falls

When one hears mighty and waterfall in one sentence around here the topic usually is Niagara Falls. This morning though that is what immediately came to my mind as I approached the Lower Akron Falls. There was so much rumble, there was so much noise! And most of the rocks I use in the fall to hop across the creek were not there! The few days leading to this morning had below freezing temperatures resulting in an icicle paradise, a true Western New York winter wonderland.

The first snow of the season to create a nice thick white blanket on the ground and a coat on the trees. Green Lake and Yates Park took on a winter wonderland look overnight. Everything is clean and white, winter is here. Thanksgiving 2013 is going to be in white!

Green Lake in Snow, Winter Dozen, Orchard Park, NYGreen Lake in SnowWinter Dozen

Green Lake in Snow

Sunset Fire over Frozen Green Lake, Winter Dozen, Orchard Park, NY.Sunset Fire over Frozen Green LakeWinter Dozen

Sunset Fire over Frozen Green Lake

The wonder of sunset over frozen Green Lake. The contrast between the white puffy snow covering the lake and the colorful show nature put on in the sky was amazing, altho brief. As the sun set, the sky looked nice but not spectacular. Then a few clouds rolled in from the west at the perfect time for the sun to light them up from below and set the sky on fire!

Winter photography is usually so much subtler than all other seasons, especially fall with its bold colors. Landscapes are devoid of color and everything is white and clean. Lots of distractions are buried in snow.

There are a lot of subtle details in nature too, like in this abstract photograph of snow on Lake Erie. A snowdrift formed along the lakeshore and this is a close up photograph of the lines that got carved out along the edges of the drift. All high key white on white with subtle tonal differences between the light and shadow bringing the windswept edges out to admire

Snowdrift Lines & Curves, Winter DozenSnowdrift Lines & CurvesWinter Dozen

Snowdrift Lines & Curves

I hope you've had fun scrolling through these. Clicking on any of the photos above will take you to their respective galleries and allow large viewing, which always works best for landscape photographs. Once you click the photo and the gallery page loads, you can click it one more time for a full page view. There is also a Slideshow button in top right.

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Have fun!

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