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There's a place near me that's a photographer's treasure trove. I like to return there often and look for something new. Sometimes it's different conditions, other times different tools. This day I showed up with a Nikon FE2 loaded with a classic Fomapan 400 black and white film. And the lens of choice? A 55mm f/2.8 Micro Nikkor.

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Thanks to the macro lens choice the obvious draw was to go for some close ups and I had not done those at the location before. For the first photo, the halogen headlights of an old Cadillac called for a photo. Do we ever take the time to study the glass covering the headlights?

Cadillac Headlight Close Up, Nikon FE2, Fomapan 400 Black & White FilmCadillac HeadlightClose Up

Cadillac Headlight Close Up
Photographed with a Nikon FE2 on Fomapan 400 Black & White Film

For the second photo, we'll stick with the same Cadillac. This time, off to the side looking into the car, this masterpiece of a spider web was in place instead of the normal pane of glass. I considered my focusing options and decided to go for a sharp web with the interior for the backdrop.

A Web in a Cadillac Close Up, Nikon FE2, Fomapan 400 Black & White FilmA Web in a CadillacClose Up

A Web in a Cadillac Close Up
Photographed with a Nikon FE2 on Fomapan 400 Black & White Film

People sometimes complain when they are constrained by their shooting locations. I have definitely not reached that point. For now, revisiting locations is an opportunity to capture them differently and leave with different images then before. Sometimes the differences can be subtle, other times quite pronounced. This was my first time shooting a macro lens there and that alone could provide years of photographic opportunity.

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