Boathouse Row, Part III

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With today's post we are wrapping up the Boathouse Row series (Boathouse Row, Part I, Boathouse Row, Part II in Black & White). We started in color, did a black and white interlude, and are back to color now. I hope you will all enjoy this dose of subtle colors as color is returning to the world around us.

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The first photograph was mostly inspired by the boathouse decorations. Paddles, water skis, signs, flowers, and more. The boathouses have a charm of their own but add a small decoration or two and it further elevates the whole experience.

Paddling through Life, Canandaigua City Pier, New YorkPaddling through LifeCanandaigua City Pier

Paddling through Life, Canandaigua City Pier, New York
Photographed on film: Nikon N75, Kodak Portra 400

For the second photograph we're changing angles a bit and looking over the water at the boathouse backs. It's rather tempting right now to hop in a boat, open up the garage door and pull out for a fun ride.

On the Water, Boathouses of Canandaigua City PierOn the WaterBoathouses of Canandaigua

On the Water, Boathouses of Canandaigua City Pier
Photographed on film: Nikon N75, Kodak Portra 400

And to close out today and the whole visit we are back to the decorations, this time prominent in the front. The old buoys definitely caught my eye and I knew I had to highlight them in one of my photographs.

Buoyed, Canandaigua City PierBuoyedCanandaigua City Pier

Buoyed, Canandaigua City Pier
Photographed on film: Nikon N75, Kodak Portra 400

I hope today's post allowed you to forget the real world in a minute of daydreaming. That is what photography has been helping me with lately, whether standing behind a camera capturing new happy moments or reviewing images from the past, like these. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Enjoy The Beauty That Surrounds You! #etbtsy

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Boathouse Row on Canandaigua Lake, New YorkBoathouse RowCanandaigua Red Boathouse Window Close Up, Canandaigua, New YorkBoathouse Window in RedCanandaigua Down the Pier in Black & White, Boathouses of Canandaigua City PierDown the Pier in Black & WhiteCanandaigua Boathouse Row in Black & White, Canandaigua City PierBoathouse Row in Black & WhiteCanandaigua


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