Welcome to Knox Farm

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To Paul, who loved it here.

I have a friend who does not like fall. I am more average than that. While I love black and white photography and love it more and more as the years go on I also love fall. It's the peak of what nature has been working on all year long. It's a celebration of sorts. And if that is not enough to grab a camera and head out and capture it there is one extra motivation, especially living in Buffalo, New York. After the colors of fall we're in for 6 months of gray. So yes, let's grab a camera even on a rainy day and see what some of the places around look like.

Welcome to Knox Farm State Park on a rainy fall day, East Aurora, New York.Welcome to Knox Farm State ParkKnox Farm in the Rain

Welcome to Knox Farm State Park
Nikon F4, 50mm f/1.8, Kodak Portra 800

And look, we're also back to stone walls and the human touch in beautiful landscapes, just in a different wonderful place. To me, the welcoming scene to Knox Farm could not be more picture perfect. I postcard advertising a perfect combination of elements to enjoy.

Road through Knox Farm State Park in the Fall, East Aurora, New York.Road through Knox Farm State ParkKnox Farm in the Rain

Road through Knox Farm State Park
Nikon F4, 50mm f/1.8, Kodak Portra 800

Pictures really bring back memories. Quite often, one look at a photo even from several years back and I remember the whole set up. I remember the weather, where I parked, what my frame of mind was and what went on. And since I usually have more than one photo from a photo outing they help me reconstruct more of the story.

Old Chevrolet Truck in the Rain at Knox Farm, East Aurora, New York.Chevrolet Truck at Knox FarmKnox Farm in the Rain

Chevrolet Truck at Knox Farm
Nikon F4, 50mm f/1.8, Kodak Portra 800

And that story allows me to be there again for another brief visit. Could that be why I enjoy photography? And it's been a while that I have been into this crazy passion of mine. I got sucked back into it around 2005 so it's going on 20 years. My path through photography has been winding through many different directions that you had a chance to follow if you return to my blog once in a while. But photography it still is nevertheless and the variety of options one has makes it so wonderful.

Between the Fences of Knox Farm, East Aurora, New York.Between the FencesKnox Farm in the Rain

Between the Fences
Nikon F4, 50mm f/1.8, Kodak Portra 800

One of the options is photography the old-fashioned way, the analog way. Yes, I mean photography on film. And I have been in that phase for a while now too, since about 2018. I bought a Nikon FE in 2015 and my first steps were careful at first, just feeling around. Looking at the archive on my computer now I only filled up a single roll that first year. Five rolls followed in 2016, back to just one in 2017. And then it exploded! Sixty rolls in 2019 and onwards and upwards it has been from there.

2023 has been a bit of a slow down in capturing new photographs. I have been thinking of what to do with all of the photos. I would like to give them a better life than collecting physical dust in film sleeves or digital dust on the hard drives. I am still figuring that part out. I struggle with social media. I think that is where photos go to die. I don't have any official statistics handy at the moment but how long do people look at each photo as they scroll through their feed? I suspect it is less than one second. And after a day or so the algorithm chases new content and buries yesterday's photos for good.

Why is that? Is that solely because photographs are everywhere and we're simply overloaded and possibly even tired of looking at yet another photo? I just did a quick internet search and it's possible that close to 2 trillion photos are taken every year. With almost 8 billion people on the planet Earth that makes 250 photos per year per person counting infants and all other people who are not in a position to take photos. Or is there more to it? Wow, where did my mind go today and how did this simple post about fall colors get so philosophical?

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

Fall Colors at Knox Farm State Park, East Aurora, NY, near Buffalo, NY.Fall Colors at Knox FarmFall Colors Red Cottage across Snowy Winter Field, Knox Farm, East Aurora, New York (NY), Zeiss Ikon Contessa, Kodak Colorplus 200 FilmRed Cottage across Winter FieldWinter Vibes Knox Farm State Park Alley in the Fall, East Aurora, NY, near Buffalo, NY.Knox Farm Alley in the FallFall Colors

Tiny Red Cottage in Winter, Knox Farm, East Aurora, New York (NY), Zeiss Ikon Contessa, Kodak Colorplus 200 FilmTiny Red CottageWinter Vibes Beautiful Spring Sunrise at Knox Farm, East Aurora - Buffalo, NYSpring at Knox FarmSpring Mood


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