Daniel Novak Photo | Cloudy Day Photo Opportunities, A Vermont Swamp

Cloudy Day Photo Opportunities, A Vermont Swamp

May 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Isolating smaller natural elements on a cloudy day - a swamp by Lake Champlain, Vermont (VT).The Bog I'm going back to summer 2012 here. The photo reminded me how different weather can facilitate different type of photography. The current cliché has us photographing at golden hours around sunrise and sunset, with nice puffy clouds floating around and getting illuminated and colored from below, and using mostly wide angle lenses to capture grand landscapes with interest from foreground, through middle ground, all the way to the background and the sky, adding depth by following the technique of David Muench and other great photographers.

But we don't live only two hours a day, do we? A cloudy day can help us break away from the established rules. On a cloudy day, the time of day does not matter so much any more since everything is in an open shade. Yes, the light is still more directional in the morning and late afternoon as opposed to noon but the differences are not so significant and the scenes in front of us have a manageable dynamic range all day long. In these conditions, colors and patterns can stand out nicely and using a telephoto lens to isolate portions of the landscape works well. No need to include the featureless sky. It is also a good time for macro photography where shadows of sunny days just get in the way.

Have fun capturing natural beauty and don't let weather hold you back, new opportunities await!


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