One Beach, Different Looks

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The First Light over Hamburg Beach, Hamburg - Buffalo, New York (NY)The First Light over Hamburg BeachHamburg, NY Revisiting locations is a favorite activity of mine as well as a topic I like to revisit (Revisit Your LocationsRevisiting Locations RevisitedEven Little Distance can Provide Different Autumn LookBack to the Pier for a Winter LookRevisiting Locations & The UnplannedTry Keeping Up with Nature, ...  Watkins Glen State Park's Welcome). The same place never really looks the same. Sometimes, the differences are obvious, other times, one has to look beyond, but there is always something new, something that was not there before, something we missed.

Today, I'd like to share a special place revisited several times in just a few days to show what I mean. I feel this place is special because it has that look we often chase going to faraway coastal locations, yet, we have it right here in Western New York on the southeastern tip of Lake Erie, just southwest from Buffalo, NY. It's where Hamburg Beach ends at the feet of sheer cliffs. You can't go any further without getting your feet, and more, wet.

There are days the lake is all quiet with the water just gently rocking back and forth. And there are days when high winds force the lake into a raging sea. The transformation can be unbelievable and that alone should be a reason to keep coming back to witness it.

Sun High over Hamburg Beach, Hamburg - Buffalo, NYSun High over Hamburg BeachHamburg, NY Sunsets are very popular along the Lake Erie shore around Buffalo, NY and for obvious reasons. But it is that obvious nature of sunsets that creates one of the best kept secrets, at least in my opinion. I love to be by the lake as daylight wins over the darkness of the night. It feels like something new, something exciting is being born. It's a beginning! I also enjoy the solitude of sunrises. Especially in summer, but in spring and fall too, there are rarely any people around. The hustle and bustle of the civilization is either non-existent or at least extremely subdued, and the sounds of the surf drown any sounds that might make it to the shore. That is what it was like in the opening photograph here and I believe the long exposure smoothing out the water captured the mood in the still photograph.

Now let's roll the clock forward several hours as the sun rises behind our backs, rises high up in the sky, and starts its afternoon descend towards the west. The quiet lake awoke and waves started crashing on the beach and against the cliffs with force. The peaceful and quiet mood of the daybreak was traded for a more bright and intense experience. Can you feel the sun piercing your eyes, photograph or not?

And finally, as the day comes to an end and storm clouds roll in, the mood changes once more:

The Very Last Light over Hamburg Beach, Hamburg - Buffalo, New York (NY).The Very Last Light over Hamburg BeachHamburg, NY

The Very Last Light over Hamburg Beach, Hamburg - Buffalo, New York

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you (#etbtsy)!

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