Reflected Colors of Winter

December 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Green Lake Boat Launch at Sunset, Yates Park, Orchard Park - Buffalo, NYGreen Lake Boat Launch at SunsetYates Park, Orchard Park, NY A moody photo that has been on my list to post for a while and it feels like today is the right time for it. Why?

With the 60+°F weather now in the middle of December 2015 it feels like winter might not show up this year. While it feels so much different than last year there are some similarities. While last year brought the record snow storm and many areas got 7 feet of snow in November and the term Snowvember was established, it was a very passing event. The snow disappeared as quickly as it came and for the balance of 2014 there was no snow.

This photo of the small boat launch on Green Lake in Yates Park, Orchard Park, NY, shows what looks more like a late fall scene despite being captured at the end of December. As the day ended some light clouds rolled in from the western sky and provided just enough canvas for sun to draw some beautiful, although subtle colors on. And the doldrums helped with the mirror below. I really liked how the silhouetted trees and the pier stood out in front of the colorful palette.

Scenes like this are not possible this year, as the lake is empty ready for cleaning later next year (What you won't see this year by Green Lake).

So what is next for us? I have no idea but remember that after being slow to arrive winter came and came strong last year. I was able to capture some wonderful frozen scenes like never before (see my Winter collection for some). Is this going to be a repeat? Or are we going to continue breaking the no snow records?

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you (#etbtsy)!

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