Morning in the City

December 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Morning at Niagara Square, Buffalo City Hall - Statler City, Buffalo, NYMorning at Niagara SquareBuffalo City Hall - Statler City This was a wonderful weekend morning in the city. It was overcast and sunrise never really happened but the light was great for architectural photography with the directional yet soft diffused light lowering the contrast, opening up shadows, and taming highlights.

I started at the Buffalo Milk Company building on Niagara Street (Photography with a Deadline) and later moved down to the Niagara Square area looking for new angles on familiar subjects, and also for new subjects altogether.

Statler Towers through the Columns of Buffalo City Hall, Niagara Square, Buffalo, NYStatler TowersNiagara Square This photograph is from the first bucket. I really wanted to add a photo of Statler City to my gallery as I really lacked something more prominent. The last photo was from 2011 (Statler Towers through the Columns of Buffalo City Hall)! However, I still liked the juxtaposition of the city hall and the towers for a sense of place.

In this new angle, more of the Niagara Square is visible as well as the central McKinley Monument and the Electric Tower in the distance, thus showing more of Buffalo, yet, with Statler City being prominent.

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you (#etbtsy)!

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