The Fort at the End of the River

December 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Fall at the Officers Club - Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NYFall at the Officers ClubFort Niagara, Youngstown, NY

A wonderful quiet morning by the river and by the lake. I arrived well before sunrise planning to take advantage of the dawn light and sunrise colors. I first headed to the Old Fort Niagara parking lot to see what's going on there, checked out the lighthouse, watched the first tour buses arrive an hour before the official opening time, and headed out to search for my morning locations.

Not too far from the Old Fort Niagara visitor center is the Officers Club building with its design inspired by the French Castle inside the fort. It was already getting a bit too bright but the light was still nicely balanced to show the building with its lamp above the entrance under the morning sky.

In this first corner photo I liked the layer of fallen leaves on the ground providing additional color in the foreground, as well as serving as a season clock showing how far into fall the photo was. Most trees were bare but look, that one tree by the club still had its coat on! I took couple different shots playing with the perspective and with the trees framing the scene.

Officers Club at Dawn - Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NYOfficers Club at DawnFort Niagara, Youngstown, NY Then I started walking around the front of the building to head down to the river. As I stood face to face with the building viewed head on I could not resist! I must admit, despite all of the theory about diagonal lines being more dynamic and resulting in better photographs I like frontal views. It may be due to their symmetry, it may be something else. I am not sure but I like staring the buildings in their faces.

For these shots, I like to let the buildings breathe and include just enough open space around them rather than filling the frame. They need to be comfortable, they're going to stand around for quite a while longer!

It was interesting how different seasonally this angle looked compared to the first photo just a few feet away. No leaves on any of the trees here and barely any on the grass. Here, it's more of an early winter look rather than late fall. It probably looks no different now on December 21 than it did a month earlier. Where is winter this year? I hear that El Niño has it locked up in a closet somewhere.

Once I satisfied my hunger for some architecture I walked down to the boat launch and the Niagara River to see what sunrise would bring. Yet again, I was in a sunset location at sunrise and perfectly happy to be so. The color show towards the north was not too strong this morning but as soon as the sun rose above the horizon and flooded the river and the banks with its warm light, I had no regrets for the very early wake up call this morning. Once nature puts on the show it is always so worth it!

Where the River Ends, Niagara River Mouth into Lake Ontario, Youngstown, NYWhere the River EndsNiagara River Mouth into Lake Ontario, Youngstown, NY

Where the River Ends, Niagara River Mouth into Lake Ontario, Youngstown, NY

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you (#etbtsy)!

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